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And who thought planning wasn't exciting?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We are only a week into the month, and already we have seen the Government issue another consultation on not one document, but two and, we have seen a Parish Council planning meeting in the neighbouring Authority go viral after what can only be described as 'outbursts' from some Councillors with alleged illegal meetings taking place and shouts of " READ THE STANDING ORDERS!".

So, what about the NPPF and A National Model Design Code. These documents are out for consultation until the 27th March 2021.

So, in regard to the NPPF, our key take-away points are:

A stronger emphasis on design, in line with the Governments campaign for 'build beautiful'

More emphasis on climate change

Greater emphasis on trees and the landscape

Greater protection on historic statues

Oh, and a whole annex dedicated to Flood Risk

Whilst I have attended Parish Council meetings in a professional capacity which, more often than not, have been a little frosty, I genuinely expected Parish Councils meetings behind closed doors to be more akin to that seen in the Vicar of Dibley. Handforth has certainly been put on the map!


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