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ABL Planning & Development Consultancy, based in Northwich, Cheshire.  We offer a range of services from local planning applications, appeals, enforcement matters, through to project management.

About ABL Planning and Development

ABL Planning & Development was founded in 2020 by Rachael Evans and is based in Northwich, Cheshire.


A Chartered Member of the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute), Rachael has more than 15 years' experience having worked in both the public and private sectors.  Rachael also has extensive planning experience of working within Development Management teams in Local Planning Authorities from the North West region.  Her strategic work for a land promotion company has taken her all across the UK.  

Keen to get back to ‘grassroots planning’, Rachael offers a range of services - from preparing stand-alone planning statements; managing and submitting planning applications and preparing planning appeals. Rachael also leads on enforcement matters.


Self-confessed as ‘passionate about planning’, Rachael’s career has encompassed the monitoring of planning to ensure that conditions were discharged on full planning permissions, conservation area consents (including within Article 4 areas), listed building consents, demolition consents, tree preservation orders, hybrid applications and change of use applications.  Rachael also investigated alleged breaches of planning control and consents and provided initial advice to members of the public, agents, Councillors etc on planning queries. 


From her experience working as a Planner within a number of Local Authorities to senior project management within the private sector, Rachael oversaw the outline planning application process for residential developments; managed site appraisals and due diligence work prior to acquisition and identified the scope of supporting information.  She also managed the appointment and co-ordination of multi-disciplinary external consultants and in-house expertise and had financial control of projects. 


Used to liaising with land owners, statutory authorities and other key stakeholders for the successful promotion of strategic housing land through the planning system, Rachael’s wealth of experience leaves her perfectly placed to advise and assist on all manner of planning applications and dilemmas. 


Respected within the industry, Rachael works collaboratively with architects and plan drawers to ensure the best outcome for her clients.


A volunteer within Planning Aid England, Rachael is keen to support the planning and development industry and has been an active volunteer since 2008, where she assists with community engagement consultations and on case work opportunities.  

Paul - Trafford

We wanted advice on a number of domestic works as we didn't know whether planning was needed or not.  Rachael's honesty saved us ££s as we found we could do everything under permitted development.  

Robert - Flintshire

The plan drawer I hired was great however, the Council wanted the pitch of the extension roof changing due to the impact on the Conservation Area. Altering the pitch would have resulted in the loss of my bathroom window. The plan drawer put me in touch with Rachael who came on board and made a planning case to the Council as to why the plans as submitted were policy compliant. Needless to say, no amendment to the pitch of the roof was required and I kept my bathroom window.

Brian - Cheshire West & Chester

I contacted Ms Evans with the view to developing a number of dwellings in my rear garden.  Ms Evans advised that based on her experience, it was highly unlikely that the Council would support an application for housing in my garden.  After understanding the likely costs involved, as well as the time it would take to go through the process, I decided against the idea and chose to enjoy my garden instead.   

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