Pre-Application Advice

Doing your research can often save time and unnecessary expense. ABL can advise on the planning merits of your development proposal and provide a view on your chances of success in order to minimise the  potential risks. 


Early engagement with the Local Planning Authority officers and relevant Authorities is often recommended.  ABL can assist in these discussions whether that be on a formal or informal basis. 



It’s not just a form!


Planning can be a minefield and just knowing which application form to complete for your development project can often be a task in itself let alone know what else you need to submit to make a valid application.   

ABL can prepare and manage a variety of applications which includes but not limited to:

  • Certificates of Lawfulness

  • Householder Applications

  • Prior Notification Applications

  • Full Planning Applications

  • Outline Applications

  • Reserved Matters Applications

  • Discharge of planning conditions

  • Listed Building Consents

  • Advertisement Consents


Here at ABL we will set out a clear planning strategy that will identify the type of application which will need to be submitted and identify the scope of work that may need to be undertaken to form the basis of the application. ABL has a wide network of contacts and can manage technical consultants so you don't have to.  Once an application is submitted, ABL will continue to engage with the relevant authorities until a decision has been made.   


Depending on the application type, a successful decision notice may come with planning conditions attached. These conditions need to be adhered to in order to ensure a lawful development.  There are some conditions that may require additional information to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for their approval.  Here at ABL, we can assist with managing applications for the discharging of planning conditions.

ABL can also assist development professionals and can prepare standalone documents for planning submission (ie: Planning Statements) . 

ABL Planning & Development can also assist community groups from providing general advice to preparing letters of objection for submission to the relevant Local Planning Authority. 


Why have I been refused ?


A refused application can be disappointing and frustrating however, it is not necessarily the end of the road for your development proposal.  There is an opportunity to appeal to an independent body; the Planning Inspectorate.  


At ABL, we can advise you on the appeal process and set out a clear appeal strategy.  ABL can submit and manage the appeal on your behalf, manage technical experts and provide stand-alone appeal statements. 



Help!  I’ve received a letter from the Council. 


It is important to seek advice as soon as possible. ABL can advise on enforcement matters, associated notices, and appeals. ABL can engage with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf and seek to address the breach before further action is taken.