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Renewables are a hot topic for us at the moment with many home owners looking at renewable energy generating 'plant' to tackle the rising costs of energy. By looking at 'green' options, homeowners, landowners and business owners are not only reducing monthly bills, but, are also doing their bit regarding climate change.

The GPDO 2015 (as amended) Schedule 2, Part 14 permits various renewable energy plant/equipment on both domestic and non-domestic premises. In cases whereby planning permission is required, renewable energy generating plant / machinery is assessed like any other planning application. Whilst we have a current energy crisis, and the climate emergency is clearly material considerations to be given weight in the overall planning balance, applicants and applications for renewable projects are still required to navigate the planning process and the objections likely to be received.

We are all to familiar with having to navigate the system on different types of renewable energy generating plant from the installation of a mico-windturbine on a non-domestic building, installation of air source heat pumps on domestic properties to solar schemes in the green belt.

If you need help navigating the system, or are unsure whether planning permission is required, please contact us today to discuss.


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