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ABL Planning & Development Consultancy, based in Northwich, Cheshire.  We offer a range of services from local planning applications, appeals, enforcement matters, through to project management.P8sjuI-unsplash.jpg

Planning Objections in Cheshire

“I need help with a Cheshire planning objection.”

If you're in Cheshire and need help with defending your planning application against objections, in Cheshire East or Cheshire West, ABL Planning & Development can help.

We have extensive experience in handling Cheshire planning objections. The best chance for avoiding planning objections to your planning application is to work with ABL in the first instance.

The role of planning objections


Planning objections are a key part of the planning process. It can be a challenge to get everybody onboard with a planning application – especially if the proposed development might directly impact their lives.

Reasons for objections to a planning application in Chester and Cheshire include:-


  • Material considerations

  • Impact on quality of life, i.e. loss of natural light, privacy etc

  • Increased noise levels to such a degree that it adversely impacts quality of life

  • Lack of infrastructure i.e. roads, access, parking, additional traffic

  • Highway safety

  • Character and appearance of area etc, especially if the planning application is for a listed building or within a Conservation Area

  • Inappropriate development on Green Belt land

If a member of the public wants to raise an objection to a proposed planning application, we can handle the entire process.

Dependent on the Local Planning Authority process, in this case Cheshire East and Cheshire West, letters of objection including the planning application number need to be raised.The letter needs to clearly state why the development is being objected.

The planning objection process can be emotional and personal, which is a reason why it can be best to commission a planning consultant to handle it. Not only do we understand the Cheshire planning objection process, we remove emotion from the objections, leaving the Planning Authority in no doubt as to why the objector feels so strongly that the planning application should be modified, reconsidered or even rejected altogether.

We work with planning application objectors to compile the best possible letter of objection and submit it to the Cheshire East or Cheshire West planning departments. We also handle the whole project on an objector’s behalf.

How ABL Planning can help with Planning Objections in Cheshire


  • Planning objections are an important part of the planning process that must be taken seriously.

  • We can help identify and address planning objections to ensure your planning application has the best chance of success.

  • Our chartered planning consultancy has a proven track record of successfully navigating planning objections and helping clients achieve their planning goals.

Our Experience


Our experience in working with planning applications in Cheshire and dealing with planning objections is key to helping an objector with a successful outcome.


With more than 14 years of experience working with the Local Planning Authorities in Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, we are perfectly placed to help members of the public with their planning objections and hold their hand through the planning objection process.

Contact ABL Planning & Development To Appeal Your Planning Application Decision In Cheshire West, Cheshire East Or Chester.

Or call us on 07762 627861 for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

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