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ABL Planning & Development Consultancy, based in Northwich, Cheshire.  We offer a range of services from local planning applications, appeals, enforcement matters, through to project management.P8sjuI-unsplash.jpg

Planning Appeals in Cheshire

"I have had my planning application rejected"

If you've had your planning application in Cheshire refused and are looking for help to appeal the Council’s decision, or you want to know more about Cheshire West or Cheshire East planning appeals, ABL Planning & Development can help.

The next steps for appealing a refused application depend on the reason for your rejection.


We have many years’ experience in managing planning appeals and, as we're based in Cheshire, we know the Cheshire planning appeals process inside and out.
What are Planning Application Appeals?
If your application was rejected because it contravenes the Local Planning Authority’s policy, or if you were granted permission with conditions you don't agree with, we can help you with the appeal.
We will discuss the Council’s decision with you, and the reason for the refusal.

If you have yet to receive a planning decision after a period of 8 weeks since the expected decision date, this is grounds for an appeal unless you have agreed to a deadline extension.

If your project is a major application, for more than 10 dwellings, or a building or commercial unit of more than1000 square metres, or a land site of a hectare or more, the decision period is nearer to 13 than 8 weeks. 

Whatever your grievance relating to an application, here at ABL Planning, we can help you at every step of the process for the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

Common Reasons for the Rejection of a Planning Application
In our experience working with the Local Planning Authorities in Cheshire East and Cheshire West, there are a number of common reasons that a planning application can be refused.

These include:

  1. Perceived loss of privacy or light for neighbouring properties

  2. Impact on the environment – both in terms of build and completed project

  3. Infrastructure issues ie. lack of access for transport

  4. Highway safety

  5. Impact on safety

  6. Listed building restrictions

  7. Character and appearance.

Successful Planning Application Appeals

Our successful planning application appeals have included small projects such as domestic extensions, to commercial change of use projects and larger scale developments.

The Planning Appeals Process

The goal of a planning appeal is to ensure that anyone who has spent time and money raising a planning application in Cheshire East, Cheshire West or Chester, has the right to reply  and a second shot at a positive result.

The planning appeals process is an integral part of the planning process and, here at ABL Planning, we understand the Chester and Cheshire Local Planning Authority systems and are well placed to help anyone appeal their planning application decision, to ensure the best possible outcome.

ABL Planning & Development – Why The Planning Appeal Process Is Important

  • Planning application appeals are a valuable tool for anyone who's had their planning application rejected.

  • Our team of experts can help you navigate the appeals process and improve the chances of success.

  • Our chartered planning consultancy has a proven track record of successfully appealing planning application decisions and helping clients achieve their planning goals.

How Our Chartered Planning Consultancy Can Help

ABL Planning can help you prepare and present your case, or even manage the full planning application appeals process on your behalf.

Our Experience

Here at ABL Planning, our experience in working with planning applications in Cheshire and navigating planning application appeals has demonstrable success. Nobody will tell their clients that the planning application process is quick and easy. It isn't. But our experience in the planning application field is far reaching and wide ranging and as you can see from some of our successes above, we pride ourselves on gaining the best possible planning application appeal decisions on a regular basis.

Contact ABL Planning & Development To Appeal Your Planning Application Decision In Cheshire West, Cheshire East Or Chester.

Or call us on 07762 627861 for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

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